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June 26, 2017

When in Italy, I feel like it’s a sin to not try spaghetti. Like real, pure, Italian spaghetti. The thing we all automatically associate with Italy. Pasta. My dear friend Katia and I had found this wonderful little spot while exploring Venice, but as we waited for spaghetti to come, I look out the window […]

June 15, 2017

It was 1955 in Chicago. My sweet grandmother, Carolyn, was heading to church for the Christmas service. It’s that special time of year where snow and icicles decorate everything in sight, and all the ponds are frozen over to create the perfect natural skating rink. Carolyn entered the church, found her seat, and something — […]

June 2, 2017

When puppies come to sessions, my heart explodes. True story. When Holly and Ben met for their engagement session, I was thrilled to see this cutie chilling in the back. And during the moments where it was just Holly and Ben? This furbaby would crawl over to me, and wag that tail while chewing up […]

April 12, 2017

When Ashley said her dog Rory was basically Chewie’s doppelg√§nger, I laughed… And then Rory arrived, and sure enough! This dog absolutely stole the show at the end of the day, but his cuteness has nothing on Ashley and Matt! They have this love that everyone wants. When I asked them to stop in the […]

March 15, 2017

There was something unique to the air here.¬†Each deserted home had a story it held within its walls, and each path had been graced with thousands of footsteps throughout the years it had existed. This little mill town was filled with secrets, but one not-so-secretive story is how they filmed pieces of The Hunger Games […]


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