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Family. From the moment we had our initial consult, these two stressed how important their families are to them. When I arrived where they were getting ready, you could immediately sense a difference unlike most of my other weddings, and I realized it was closeness. Everyone was welcomed and treated as if they were family!
We all took a limo over to Hotel Concord, and wow – I watched Chelish Moore‘s team at work decorating everything. Amazing. When the ceremony started, everyone got the surprise when Rayetta’s mother walked out ready to marry these two off 🙂 She had saved this surprise, and the look on Morris’s face says it all when he walked out and realized it! And then he had that same look when Rayetta came around the corner looking absolutely stunning!
After the ceremony, light was slipping away very quickly. I knew we had to act fast in order to grab those important bride and groom images, and these two ROCKED it. The Piedmont Renaissance Center opened their doors to us so we could sneak away from the cocktail hour at Hotel Concord and grab some private images without any distractions in another gorgeous setting. After we finished up there, we went back to celebrate for the rest of their evening while being surrounded by those they love 🙂

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