Brandi’s Spring Bridals at the Piedmont Renaissance Center | Concord NC

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Brandi wasn’t like most of my brides – this girl is one hard working chick – working late days and nights without much availability, so the first time we ever met face to face was actually at her bridal session! She and her sister came to the Piedmont Renaissance Center to meet me for her Concord bridals, where we used both the rustic crumbling upstairs area (LOVEEEEEE) and the gorgeous ballroom downstairs. This girl is absolutely breathtaking, and gracefully flowed through posing like it was nothing. It’s just one of those sessions where you can’t help but shake your head in awe at the pure beauty of everything.

Funny Story: While she was getting dressed, I ran across the street to Chelish’s shop to ask if I could borrow this old vintage chair. Chelish’s assistants were there, and these boys offered to bring it over for me. I told them not to worry about it because it’d be a lot of work (hey, I tried warning them), but they insisted. In the back of my mind, I could hear Chelish saying, “Put em to work, girl!” I’m really not sure they anticipated the amount of work they had just volunteered to do… So we took off, one of the guys hauling this heavy chair over his shoulders across the street, and then up a flight of stairs…. another flight of stairs… another flight… and another lol… I truly felt bad allowing him to do it, but at the same time I am pretty sure I may have killed myself in the attempt anyway. They even came back to get it for us! So to them, I share my deepest apologies and gratitude haha šŸ˜€

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Dress: Simpson’s Bridal
Flowers: Kevin Lear On Main
Location: Piedmont Renaissance Center

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