November 11, 2015

Officially Official – My *NEW* Promo Video | Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Back in May, I held my first workshop at the Separk Mansion. We had a real couple as our models, and it just so happened to be Chad’s cousin Cassie and her fiance Corey. Cassie had just started the whole planning phase for her wedding, and hadn’t picked out a dress or anything yet. I asked her if she’d be up for doing a first look with her man for my attendees, and honestly I wasn’t sure what to expect since it wasn’t exactly the whole anticipation you’d get on a wedding day… But they proved me wrong! All emotions were real, full, and so so sweet. Little did I know, Skip Erdman was pulling double duty here! Not only did he record my workshop, but he put this beautiful video together to showcase those real moments my couples experience on their own wedding days. And it’s everything I could have ever dreamed of! When folks describe my style, they usually say romantic, soft, and natural, and I feel that’s exactly what’s captured in this video.

When I watch this, my heart just soars because I see what I see in all of my #chpcouples. I see a sweet couple in love, totally raw emotion, with special little details that have meaning to their day. I see joy, excitement, and humbleness. Vintage meets modern, and tradition meets breaking the mold. A dream venue, a gorgeous tablescape, and I see the beauty of some of my favorite wedding vendors coming together to create all of this. It’s everything I love about what I do, and it’s everything my brand stands for. Skip, thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting this together.

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And of course, many thanks to these wonderful vendors for donating their time and talent to create such a memorable day:
 Roshel Events
Carolina’s Luxury Event Rentals
Separk Mansion
Mirror Bomb Studio
Caitlynn Finney
The Bride’s Choice
The Bead Lady
Chelish Moore Flowers
Sweetest Beginnings
Union Street Bistro
Diamonds Direct of Southpark


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All the pretty on the daily: