September 14, 2016

Launch Day!! All the details + PRIZES! | Charlotte Wedding Photographer

Well, the day is here! The website is up and running, and it’s a beauty, guys! Julie Story did such a fabulous job, and made this process so so simple. When I went into this, I had NO idea what I’d end up with. I have loved her work since the first day I found it. It’s not even just her work, but it’s her personality too. She’s so uplifting, giving, kind, and so sweet! To me, a service is more than just what you get at the end. It’s the process you go through together, to learn about each other, to follow along that journey, and to have that trust instilled. And it’s exactly how I run my business.

What I had before was something I just basically created through Showit. I threw up what I thought would look nice, and called it a day. A brand is more than just placing pretty things… And I got to that point where I knew I didn’t really have that identity. I had no clue what my brand was. I couldn’t describe it, couldn’t even tell you the colors other than gold and white. I struggled to make everything cohesive. When I went to Julie, I wanted a brand that was more sophisticated, but also something that could have moody black and white images mixed alongside my light and natural ones. SHE NAILED IT.

So, here we are! And to celebrate this journey, it’s time to speak my love language – gift giving! I had way too much fun getting these together…


1) Kate Spade Earrings – pearl drops

These are definitely a classic. Tear drop pearls surrounded by crystals at the top. Perfect for nights out, or dressing up a casual outfit!

2) Bucket List Journal + Burt’s Bees gift pack

I actually bought this journal a year ago for myself, and loved it! I was so thrilled to find they are still being sold at Target. This journal has fun little prompts that will inspire you! To go along with this, I’m including a gift pack from Burt’s Bees.

3) Cuddle up – Blanket + Candle

THIS BLANKET IS LIFE. I am trying so hard not to go back and buy myself one. It’s a beautiful gold/black/ivory throw, stupid soft, and is the most perfect thing to cuddle up with. But to make it better, I’ve included a yummy aromatherapy candle scented with peppermint and vanilla.

4) Date Night – Cheesecake Factory gift card + 2 movie tickets

The Cheesecake Factory always has the most perfect drinks and desserts (pumpkin pecan cheesecake is back fyi – you’re welcome), and a date night with your love wouldn’t be complete without seeing a movie together! This giveaway will include two movie tickets along with this gift card.

5) Coffee Time – Cup + Starbucks gift card

I love puns! When I saw this coffee cup featuring a pun from Snoop (‘sip it like it’s hoooooot’), I couldn’t help but get it. And obviously coffee or tea has to go in said cup, so voila! The perfect pairing!

6) Kate Spade Earrings – bows

More Kate Spade! These earrings feature the classic bow studs in 14K yellow gold.

7) To Do List + Candle + chocolates

They say you are more likely to remember things you physically write down, so this cute black and gold notepad will come with things that will help you deal with adulting hard – like another candle that smells like the beach, and some chocolates.

8) GRAND PRIZE – Hour Massage

YES. I will try not to casually “lose” this one šŸ˜‰ The first grand prize is a one hour massage gift card to Massage Envy. Perfect to help relieve any stress, have some ‘you’ time, and get away from life!

9) GRAND PRIZE – Big bundle of LUSH

This is, by far, my favorite of everything! The rosy scent that usually only comes out in the winter time is all up in this pack. You’ve got a bath bomb, bath bar, shower gel, more soap, all the soaps, soap soap soap. And it all smells AMAZING. You literally will be bathing in flower petals if you use the bath bomb… SO POSH. The best part is that Lush is aĀ fresh, handmade, andĀ all natural company that doesn’t do animal testing. #yaypuppies!

Ready to WIN? Here’s how! I’ll be posting one of these gifts on both Facebook and Instagram every hour starting at 1pm, and ending at 9pm EST.

How to get entries:
1.) Like my fan page
2.) Follow my Instagram
3.) Like and/or love the photo
4.) Tag two people in the comments section
5.) Share and/or regram the image with #chpGIVEAWAY and tag me (@caseyhphotos)

You have the chance of gettingĀ 56Ā entries today if you use both Instagram and Facebook! May the odds be ever in your favor šŸ˜‰

Winners will be announced on Thursday at 1pm!

Now go check out the site in all its glory:

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