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This year has started off with quite the amount of surprises! And it has been insanely difficult to hold it all in. So, here we go 🙂

First: I strive to get my sessions published like no other. I was so disappointed in myself for not getting in the top ten most published vendors (in the world) on Two Bright Lights last year, but got the news that not only did I get into the top ten, I WAS NUMBER ONE. I, Casey Hendrickson, am 2016’s most published photographer – via TBL. I also received my fourth year of having the Couple’s Choice Award via WeddingWire!

Second: I am signed up for TWO workshops this year… in France – a country I’ve dreamed of visiting my entire life. I wasn’t ever one to dream of my wedding my whole life, no. I dreamed of the places I’d visit, and France was always one that I couldn’t wait to see. And that time has finally come! I get to be surrounded by so many that are in a similar phase in life, a similar stage in their careers, and I get to learn.

Third: On top of France, I get to visit Italy during each trip to France as well! I get to roam (PUN) freely, spend time with great friends, and celebrate all this beautiful country has to offer. I can’t wait to see the structures and force Katia into a wedding gown at every majorly gorgeous spot, so basically everywhere. I also hope to head to the Durham area of England to visit Kyle and Nick (and Kyle’s sweet family!) prior to my second trip, so I’m putting that out into the universe.

Fourth: Below is my first session done in FILM. YAS. For several years, I’ve admired those that shot film, and loved the look it gave. I didn’t do too much research into the types of film until Christmas happened. To my wonderful surprise, Chad’s sweet mother handed me a box filled with her film gear. Cameras, lenses, batteries, flashes, filters, etc. My heart felt like it could explode, and I instantly began looking into how to get these up and running. Tons of Fuji 400H and Portra 400 were ordered, I called upon two friends that both have inner and outer beauty, we headed uptown, and showcased several gowns supplied by The Bride’s Choice, silks by Honey Silks & Co, hair and makeup by Beauty Asylum, and jewelry from The Bead Lady. Below is the Fuji, and I’ve taken the Portra out for other sessions that you can find coming up! I don’t think I’ll ever fully shoot weddings or sessions on film (everyone that knows me knows how impatient I am, and I will always provide a preview from everything within 48 hours), but it’s definitely something I’ll be playing around with.

Fifth: I’ve been invited to speak at WPPI at the Two Bright Lights booth next week! NEXT WEEK. Oh my goodness. I can’t even begin to believe this is a thing. And after my quick drop-in? Cali, baby!

All that being said, here’s the current travel schedule for each month for this first half of the year:
February: Las Vegas + San Diego
March: Gatlinburg + Charleston
April: Bonneval (FRANCE!) + Verona (ITALY!)
May: Verona + Beginning of first half of wedding season
June: More weddings 🙂
July: Newcastle (England!) + Paris + Verona + Maine

Needless to say, an exciting year is ahead!

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