European Adventures (and photos) to come!

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After a long day of travel, I returned to the states to find my sweet man waiting on me with Bojangles (a solid ‘Welcome back to NC!’ gift), and an empty car ready to haul all of my luggage back home to my bed. But there it was. Political news. News in general. In every car around us, and also his. It was something that made me realize that, as Americans, we truly are a ‘living in fear’ society. I didn’t realize HOW much stress it places on our lives until I am somewhere where the internet doesn’t work well, and the restaurants have zero televisions blasting the current murders and attacks throughout the world. You are forced to take a step back, enjoy your surroundings, and be present with those you are with. You are forced to actually experience that culture, take in the artistry of their dishes they serve (unless you went to McDonald’s…. Does not count), and communicate with one another. Despite everything that I took away from this trip, the beauty of not hearing the news 24/7 will certainly be what sticks in my mind as the best part. It sounds crazy, but just stop – take a breath – and try to go just a single day without social media, television, and radio. It also helps if you physically can’t read headlines on newspapers.

Anyway. More to come on both adventures, but for now, here are some of my favorite images of the cities we visited!

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