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Six. Years. Here’s the difference:

But I made it! I made it past that five year mark. The percentage of businesses that fail within the first five years ranges between 80%-96% depending on what exactly you’re looking at, so surviving this long is a huge feat. The best part? I’ve had the joy of meeting and capturing the lives of 129 couples throughout this time.

It has been absolutely wonderful, inspirational, and full of joy. But these years have not always been easy. By diving right in, I have learned from my own mistakes rather than learning from others. I didn’t have the guidance of anyone. I had never even second-shot a wedding. I’ve been hurt, knocked down (both physically and mentally — thanks to those Uncle Bobs out there ūüėČ ), and had my work torn apart. But I pushed on. I took those experiences, learned, cried, asked for help, and made it all better. Constantly. I studied and took courses/workshops/one-on-ones from those I loved, surrounded my work life with those both on a similar page as me, but also those that constantly post encouraging and incredible¬†work and/or posts that keep my brain going rather than settling on the first comfy spot I found that would eventually lead to mediocrity, and I’ve kept things real. And I think that’s what gets me the clients that are such a perfect fit. I’m being real – 100% ME. My personality, my life, my humor, my loves. It’s all out there. And the couples that love my style and me? Those are the ones that book. And that experience¬†is everything.

To my couples, thank you for believing in me, and for trusting me with your forever memories. I love you all, and can’t wait to continue to celebrate your lives for years to come!

And now some of my favorites from my most recent weddings.

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