Toru and Sayaka | Venice Italy Wedding Photography

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When in Italy, I feel like it’s a sin to not try spaghetti. Like real, pure, Italian spaghetti. The thing we all automatically associate with Italy. Pasta. My dear friend Katia and I had found this wonderful little spot while exploring Venice, but as we waited for spaghetti to come, I look out the window only to spot this dapper young man! I had been searching for a sweet couple all day, and here might be the chance!
“Katia! Does he have anyone with him?!”
“Oh, you mean like that cute looking girl?”
I instantly grabbed my camera, and took off running out of the restaurant.

And this is where I feel like Toru and Sayaka probably thought I’d lost my mind. Without trying to sound like a lunatic, I introduced myself, told them I was a professional, and just honestly REALLY wanted to photograph a couple on the streets of Venice. To my great surprise, they both said they were up for it! Without trying to completely freak them out, I only took a couple of minutes to walk them through a few poses. One thing stood out the most – and that was the way they both looked at each other so fondly! We exchanged information, and I wished them all the best. After sending Toru the images, I got the best email in return – Toru had actually been planning to propose to Sayaka at the end of their trip, so these are some of the last photos of them before they got engaged since she said YES 🙂 Congratulations, you two!

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