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Our 2016 Christmas Photos | Charlotte NC

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It was that time of year again, and Chad was dreading every question he knew was coming. “What should we wear? What should the dogs wear? Where should we go? Are you free xx day? Are you getting a haircut? Please tell me you’re at least trimming your beard…” I had even joked with a few brides that they should do their engagements BEFORE our date since we’ve seemed to have chosen the most chilly days each year. Mother Nature decided to make me look stupid, and it ended up being probably around 70 degrees instead. Should be great, right? Except I had bought some pretty warm clothes for us. So we were sweating.

This year was different. We had a new addition to our “family”, and I could not have been happier. Chewie is truly the perfect companion to have in our lives. This dog is so insanely goofy ALL. THE. TIME. You can’t ever be too mad at him because of it. When we arrived, a family was out wandering the gardens, and their child had on those squeaky shoes…. Lord have mercy. Thus began the difficult task of getting Molly and Chewie to actually listen to us. But, this is our life. It’s chaotic, full of fur, but full. We brought Molly’s tennis ball, we had our sweet moments with them, and then we had our own time together as a couple.

Many thanks to our go-to team for Christmas photos:
Connection Photography + Erin Ashley + Mirror Bomb + Skip Erdman + The Duke Mansion

“I’m gonna get Molly… I’m gonna do it…”“BALL.”“I can’t stop!”That’s her drunk cuddles face.

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