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Chewie turns one!

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If you follow my personal Facebook page, you have probably seen the monthly photos of this sweet boy. If not, I’ll share those at the end of this so you can see the progress we’ve made! On June 6th of last year, my sister and I took a day trip to Greensboro to play with some puppies at a pet store known for having puppies all the time. We simply went for cuddles. In their store, they have the puppy puppies leading up to their larger and older puppies. I noticed one puppy that was just a fluffy cute thing in the older section, and he was struggling to get some water from what they had set up in his cage. I asked to play with him, and the moment they handed him to me, I felt nothing but soft fur and bones. He was incredibly underweight, and my heart just sunk. Although we were only supposed to play with him for ten minutes, I held onto him for over half an hour. Mentally, I was debating on adopting him even though that was just a crazy idea at the same time. Alexa finally suggested we put him back, and we were handed a cute little hound puppy with rolls for days. She was adorable and sweet, but I could NOT stop thinking about that little boy that was back in a crate and currently barking at the water bottle that wouldn’t work. I began trying to call Chad to ask his opinion even though I’d basically already made my mind up that there was absolutely no way I could leave this pup behind, and reached out to a few friends for guidance as well. When my sister suggested that we leave to get dinner and simply think about the idea of adopting him, I broke down and cried. I just could not leave this boy behind. I told the workers that he was mine, and we were taking him home. They said they’d get the paperwork together, and it’d be about an hour before we could officially say we’d adopted him since they needed to give him a bath and feed him. That night was just full of emotions, worry, doubt, concern, etc. Some people weren’t so understanding of the situation, and suggested we return him. Chad comforted me, said to simply sleep on this whole thing, and see where things stood the next day. This dog that we decided to name Chewie (because Chad might be more open to a dog named after a Star Wars character 😉 ) instantly became part of our family. He was sweet, lovable, cuddly, and showed absolutely zero signs of any aggression, and he is still that exact same dog today!

His adoption papers stated his actual date of birth, so this past Friday, we held a little ‘party’ for him with all the family dogs that are now his BFFs. Smoky Mountain Dog Bakery made the most adorable puppy cake for him, and gave us treats for the four ‘party goers’ along with a birthday hat for the birthday boy! We wrapped some of his gifts up, set out the cake and other goodies, and had a blast watching him get so excited over everything! After the party was over and his mouth was officially green from the icing, we let him and his sister Molly (as you all know and love) go swimming in the pond – definitely a favorite thing for both of them! He has gone from 9 pounds to around 65 in the time we’ve had him, and has grown to stand about 5 feet tall! He’s a big boy, but he’s nothing but love and goofiness.

And progress pics with Alexa as promised!

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