April 1, 2017

2017 Workshop Announced!

Two years ago is when I started the first annual workshop for photographers. I was absolutely terrified, and of course, things went totally wrong the day of. I learned very quickly that hosting workshops is not for the weak! It still turned out to be wonderful, and I felt this freedom of getting to open up to those that were in the shoes I once stood in. Starting out is hard! Maintaining can be even harder! You have to find your style, find your ideal couples/clients, figure out your brand, figure out what a brand even is, work nonstop while having others feel you do nothing all day, try juggling other jobs or careers while doing this until you can build it up enough, figuring out when to go full time, etc. It is DRAINING. At this workshop, we are going to go into some technical stuff with edits and maintaining consistency, everyone will get to practice shooting, we will go over posing clients, I’ll dive into detail shots and wedding day timelines, and of course I’ll be going over getting published. Oh, and there are several surprises up our sleeves on this… One being smoke bombs (weather permitting!) 😀 The others? Well, you’ll just have to attend to find out!

We currently have five remaining early bird specials, so be sure to either email me at info@caseyhphotos.com to get the link to book, or visit the WORKSHOP homepage for more info.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, I present to you the peach and plum styled shoot we did with real bride Elizabeth at Ritchie Hill!

Special thanks to:
Chelish Moore Flowers
Ritchie Hill
Beauty Asylum
The Bride’s Choice
Honey Silks & Co
Elizabeth Bondi – Bride
Molly – Westie
The Bead Lady
Sky’s the Limit Bridal Sweets
Delighted Calligraphy
Secret Keeper Box

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All the pretty on the daily: