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Many people are chatting about the hot new series called 13 Reasons Why as well as Big Little Lies. It’s easy to understand how everyone is caught up in such an emotion-packed series given everything that’s happening around us, what we’ve each been through personally, and the stories we have heard throughout the years. Each of these shows are entirely relevant, and that’s the saddest part of it all. It dives deep into those subjects we are uncomfortable to speak up about, such as showcasing abuse, rape culture, the ‘need’ for popularity, cattiness, and that feeling of hopelessness. What gets me most about each of these is that one takes place in high school while the other takes place in the parenthood phase of life. Yet each show endures similar topics of hardship. I won’t dive into this part too much as to not give away anything if you haven’t seen these yet.

So now I ask – At what point in life does maturity finally kick in? At what point will we feel safe in life with whatever we are doing? As much as my business relies on social media, I get to see so many *lovely* interactions every day that involve tearing people down, making fun of them, or trying to twist something they said into something entirely different to be negative. All of these things are harsh, unnecessary, and hurtful for so many. Something a friend wrote while I was in the midst of these series had me stopping to evaluate how I was being treated. Every job will have hardships, but nothing prepared me for the popularity contest that comes with being in the wedding industry. Other vendors will judge you, your website, your posts, your work, and it is hurtful when things they have said get back to you. You have two choices here: worry about it, try your best to be popular too, piggyback off others, and feel a constant need to check social media every other second to see what hot gossip is going on, OR you can just say, “Screw that mess,”, do your thing, don’t worry about what everyone else is up to, and sleep peacefully at night knowing you run your business with kindness while having some of the most amazing clients that adore YOU and all the time and energy you put into YOUR work. This goes for anyone out there feeling like you’re at an impasse – you aren’t. And if you are feeling the negativity coming from those with pettiness on the brain, you aren’t alone. So many out there are feeling the same way you are – that somehow, despite their efforts, they aren’t ‘good enough’. The negative treatment that comes from others is usually a sign that they are desperate, and could even see you as primary competition. In the end, none of that will matter. What DOES matter is what YOU do with your life, what YOU stand for, how YOU treat and help others. If you see or hear bullying happening, stand up. Fight it. I can promise you that it will be a blessing to the ones being affected most. Be YOU – 100%. Don’t let society dictate your choices, feelings, and behaviors. Just be you. And if you hear or see anything that you feel is not okay, be the voice. Ask questions. Don’t ignore it. For many, they never get that help, and they are left feeling hopeless. I encourage you to watch these shows fully without any interruptions. It is blunt, very heavy at times, and yet it’s still what so many go through daily.

Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

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