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For those that follow me on my personal Facebook, today is the day that we have officially put in our 60ish day notice to move. Our apartment life has been wonderful, but having a big fluffy dog that loves to play being cooped up in a small space all the time isn’t fun. We are ready to expand our square footage, but also ready to have a YARD. A private space – fenced in – ready for these two pups to run around whenever they want. I’m ready to not have to worry if I’m being too loud for the people below us, or if I just woke them up when I knocked everything off my nightstand (which happens all the time- just call me Grace….). I want Molly to be able to go out and sunbathe like she loves doing. But most of all, I’m ready for this next step in our lives. Chad and I have tossed around marriage ideas for awhile now, and it’s really time to start thinking and planning for our future together. We will be adding an extra bedroom on for office areas, and hopefully down the road that can turn into a nursery šŸ˜‰ Probably not for awhile, but still.

Don’t fret! We won’t be moving far from Charlotte. We are currently looking at the Huntersville area, and took some time to explore the other day to find the perfect spot for us. We are working with the ever-so-fab Tanesha with Southern Homes of the Carolinas, and she has given us a TON of options to explore! I also consider her family since she and her family have been a huge part of my life since 2008, so going through such a big process with her means so much more.

That all being said, let’s admire this house in France that I’m obsessing over. I can only hope to have something similar one day! Also, PJ looks absolutely fabulous, especially considering this was at like 5:30am. She’s the real MVP.

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