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It’s no secret that I am in love with animals, especially dogs. My friend Katia and I have been speaking about the horrific images we’ve seen circulating the internet, and we just feel helpless. Yes, EVERYONE and every living creature that’s been in the path of this tragic hurricane has been affected, but most people seem to be donating straight to supporting the humans. With so many animals having been abandoned, it’s been so heartwarming to see some compassionate folks out there with the primary goal being to go rescue all the animals possible. I reached out to a great group of people, and collected these different groups and vendors currently donating to the specific rescue of the animals in Houston.

Up first are the Etsy shops donating 100% of proceeds of certain products to the animal rescues.

Check out these adorable prints fromĀ The Pigeon Letters

Brittany Branson has created this adorable heart shaped painting of two pups cuddled up sleeping.
And Cami Monet has created this beauty for all you Texans šŸ˜‰
Metal Marvels is also offering 100% of proceeds but only though THIS Thursday.
{ Please note that these images are from the sources directly – I was not the photographer }

Now for the rescues:
Austin Pets Alive
Providence Animal Center
ASPCA’s Rescue Mission
Best Friends – Not only accepting donations, but posting found pets to see if they can be reunited with their owners
The Humane Society of the United States


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