September 25, 2017

Three Things to Consider for your Wedding | Charlotte Wedding Photographer

With wedding season being RIGHT NOW, I’ve started noticing some trends that I am loving and totally back 100%. These are all things that guests have admired as well, and may leave you feeling a little more relieved to have a few less things to worry about.

Favors are the first on the list! Everyone loves gifts, but let’s all be honest here… The favors are usually something cheaply made, guests leave them behind, or they get lost in a junk drawer at home. Instead of having a take-away for each guest, donate that portion of funds to a charity of your choice! One of my brides chose to donate the favors fund to a woman that had cancer so she could take her family to Disney World before she left this earth. Another chose to donate it to local animal rescues. I guarantee that your guests will have warm and fuzzy feelings knowing that just their presence helped someone out, and they won’t miss the mints or the can opener.

Flowers are up next. I have had couples have super elaborate floral details, and I’ve also seen those end up in trash bins shortly after the couple has departed for the evening. Instead of tossing these, reach out to Hospice or local nursing homes. Many will even volunteer to come get the flowers from the wedding once it’s over, which means less of a hassle to clean up. These flowers will then be rearranged into little bundles for individuals in their care to brighten up their day. Ask your florist if they offer to do that as well since many have a list of local places accepting these.

And last, but not least, we have the wedding gown. Before I get started on this, I want you all to stop and think about this: did you wear your mother’s gown? Did you want to? The answer I see most is a little ‘no’. Now answer this: do you know someone that has lost their sweet baby? That answer is, unfortunately, most likely a ‘yes’. And thus we have Angel Gowns. This is a program that accepts donated wedding gowns, and seamstresses turn them into little gowns for the babies and children that don’t get to come home from the hospital. If this is something that interests you, I’d suggest reaching out to a local group to ask rather than directly through their website. And if you want to hang on to a piece of your gown for your own future children to admire and possibly use as details in their own wedding, you are welcome to cut those pieces off before donating. You can also Google where to donate your gown since there are several organizations that could use it to help others as well.

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