December 4, 2017

Tipping vs Not?

Debating on who to tip and who not to tip at your wedding? Here’s some helpful info on that with some photographers’ perspectives.

A group of brides and vendors recently chatted over this. Apparently there’s a rule that if the person owns their own business, you shouldn’t tip them. Anyone working under them can be tipped, though. Some also claim you should only tip the hair and makeup artists, caterers, and the DJ. That’s it. Others say to tip every single person you come into contact with. What can we conclude? NOBODY KNOWS. There’s no ‘right’ answer here, so don’t stress over it!

Getting tipped is one of the nicest gestures – no matter the amount. But even better? A handwritten note from the couple! That seriously warms my heart, and it’s nice to put into my shoebox of cards I’ve gotten from clients over the years. Not wanting to set a specific amount? How about a thoughtful gift? A cute coffee mug with a nice mini pack of hot cocoa stuffed in is a sweet surprise (literally) at the end of the night, perhaps a softly scented candle, or even the ever-so-loved bath bombs or salts. Or a gift card is lovely too!

Moral of the story: Any expression of gratitude is, and will always be, greatly appreciated by any of your vendors. 

And now some photos of the most adorable family ever:

All the pretty on the daily:



All the pretty on the daily: