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It was around 6:30pm, and I was standing in Romare Bearden waiting… It was one of the first chilly nights of the season, and everyone around was bundled up. I only knew I was looking for a couple walking directly through this park, and was given basic wardrobe information that ended up proving to not matter since it was dark outside! But I knew. The moment they came around the corner, I knew it was them. I introduced myself as a reporter for an upcoming story on the best foods and restaurants in Charlotte, and asked for their top three choices. I still don’t recall what they suggested, but they seemed enthusiastic about it šŸ˜‰ I then asked if I could snag their photo for the cover of the story, and Michael said, “Absolutely!” with a big grin since he knew this was the moment he’d been waiting for. I posed them in front of the notorious fountain that was lit up blue for the Panthers, took a regular shot, and then asked them to face each other for another photo. It was then that Michael grabbed Ashley’s hands, and started telling her everything he loved about her. I don’t think she really realized what exactly was happening until he got down on one knee, but the emotions in this share it all! After taking some time to themselves to take in such a surreal moment, they finished the night off by celebrating with some close friends. Congratulations to you both! I can’t wait to capture your wedding this year!

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