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I know everyone has seen this coming… So I’m excited to announce that Chad and I ARE NOT engaged!


Wait. What?!



But we are getting married!! Curious?

I am a numbers kinda girl. I love to read into numbers, add them up, etc. I wanted a wedding date that flowed well – one that just sounded “right”. And I knew 2019 wasn’t the right year for us. I asked Chad if the end of this year would be a thing that could happen, and he said, “Hmmm… Maybe!” We checked random dates of October… then November… And then I found it. THE date. It included the date my parents got married, one of the addresses I grew up with, phone number we’ve always had as a family, it’s right when my third little Thompson girl was born, and the numbers all add up to both my lucky number as well as the typical lucky number 7. There were a ton of other things it matched up to number-wise, and it just felt perfect. I proposed the idea to Chad, and he said YES. Since I know how quickly EVERY vendor gets booked up, I immediately acted on the vendors I knew I must have. As of now, I have our venue, our photographer, our videographer, my dress, our flowers, cake, decor, and hair and makeup people (you can see the extending list below)! I know this isn’t what everyone does, but it’s how we are going to do things – the way we need them to be. I’m still letting Chad plan his idea for the proposal, and I’ll honestly be totally shocked whenever it does happen, and planning things in advance locks us in for everyone while also allowing me some solid planning time during down time before all the weddings of the year start back up. Since I’m obviously excited, I also have to chat with many folks about what’s going on, attend the bridal shows, and it’s only a matter of time before it starts getting out and around. So, yep! There you have it! We are getting MARRIED!

To check out our website, click HERE.

And now for some of our annual photos with Connection Photography

Makeup: Erin Ashley Makeup

Hair: Mirror Bomb Studio

Venue: The Providence Cotton Mill

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