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After having decided to not really take on any more clients outside of my couples, I started hearing horrific stories from girls that had gone somewhere else… I’m going to be an open book here.

  1. You should NEVER have your photographer critique your appearance! EVER. If they have anything negative to say, they are a horrible person. To hear girls that are a bit curvier get told that they are wasting the time of that photographer since they aren’t “pretty enough” blows my mind. Every woman is gorgeous and deserves to feel that way.
  2. ¬†If your photographer can’t be clear about what is included in your session, you need to hire someone that can be. I even experienced this when going to a bridal show, but since I know how some IPS photographers can twist wording just to get their clients in, I didn’t fall for their tactic of telling you that you’ve won an entirely free session. Be sure to ask what is included. Most people, when told they have won a free session from a drawing at a bridal show, will assume it includes photos. They get to the session only to be informed that a single download for one image will cost $100+, or that they can only have 5×7 prints of 10 images for $600+. Be sure to ask them what is included, and if they can send a price sheet of the products they offer beforehand so you aren’t caught off guard when you go to make your purchases.
  3. Check who is actually photographing you. Nothing seems more sketchy than having spoken to a friendly woman about your session only to show up to find a man waiting to pose you. You want to feel comfortable, so just be sure you know who will be the one doing the session.

    All of this being said, for the next month, I will be offering full boudoir sessions at $380 total. These will last an hour long, and you will receive all edited images in both color and black/white at full resolution in a private online gallery. I will cheer you on, you are welcome to use my boudoir studio at no cost, and you will leave feeling wonderful. Don’t want to share any photos? No problem! I fully respect my clients’ decisions and privacy. To see my gallery, please click HERE

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