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I’m not gonna lie – this part of wedding planning is probably one of my favorites. Over the past couple of years, Amanda, from Viri Lovely Designs, and I kept finding ourselves working on similar projects with other vendors, and I’d get so excited to see what she had created! The style she consistently showcases is elegant and romantic, which obviously sings directly to my heart. Since that is the look we are going for with the wedding, it just seemed perfect to go with her.

When we met up for our consultation, she immediately knew which things I’d be drawn to most. The colors, the fonts, even the paper stock! I probably spent way too much time flipping through her most recent work, but we got SO much accomplished! The Save the Dates are picked, invitations are coming together, and my mom has called dibs on helping with the programs šŸ˜‰

She then sent me a spreadsheet to begin gathering our list of addresses and names, and this is where the tough part came in to play. When we had FIRST started planning, we had maybe 60 people MAX to be invited… but then you start thinking and remembering all the good times you’ve spent with people throughout the past years, and you realize that getting to this point in life would never have happened without them. With working every weekend just about, it’s hard to catch up with so many people that I think of often. But this day – this ONE day – will be full of so much love and joy that we can’t wait to share with so many people.

BIG Tip For Couples: Use Postable to gather your addresses! It’s free, super easy, and you can easily then export your list to send to your stationer.

And now for our reveal… !!!

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